The bear cubs are still eating, even though it seems that they will soon split the “seams” of their fur coats.  The Six-pack followed the leader into their Acclimation Pen to munch on the treats in there.

The leader of the (six)pack stepped into the Acclimation Pen.

The other cubs followed.  The leader claimed the juicy pear.

Six-pack cubs visited the Food Wheel. They used to be able to sit in the wheel, but no longer!

These cubs are getting rounder as they continue to stuff themselves.

In her own enclosure, Persimmon Bear wandered into her Acclimation Pen to eat.

Persimmon Bear sitting in the middle of her lunch.

And in the last Wild Enclosure, Dash was not seen at all, but her enclosure-mate appeared briefly.

Piccola came out and then disappeared quickly.

Bears have bottomless tummies and perhaps a hollow leg or two.  It is likely they will keep eating until the day of their release.