You’ve no doubt heard of the “dog days” of summer.  We have a proposal that these late fall days be referred to as the “Bear Days.”  The bear cubs at ABR, like all bears everywhere, slow down at this time of year.  They are much less likely to exert themselves in order to get a snack than they were a couple of months ago.  They do a lot of napping, too.  Here are some recent scenes at ABR.

Piccola had a drink in the middle of the night.

The Six-pack snoozed on their platform.

The Six-pack foraging for acorns and other nuts.

Nuts and other kinds of “hard mast” foods are most sought after in the fall.  They are full of protein and fat.

Ruff and Tumble are pretty hefty. They are big little bears!

Willow did take a few minutes to play with the swingy ball.

Persimmon went into her Acclimation Pen and had a snack.

Although it seems that they might be getting full, apparently that doesn’t happen to bears.  They just keep eating!