The bear cubs at ABR (or anywhere else) aren’t into cyber anything.  The bears’ equivalent of the internet is the various ways they have to communicate and send messages, mainly by scent.

Persimmon Bear sends and receives messages through her sense of smell.

She learns about her environment through these scent messages.

The Six-pack cubs communicate that way, too.

These two of the Six-pack are getting rounder each day.

Piccola and Dash Bear look for food.

Dash Bear receives scent messages.

Piccola Bear shows us how round she is as she leaves.

Willow Bear showed some energy as she climbed high in a tree.

As expected at this time of year, all of the cubs are slowing down.  They don’t eat as voraciously (though they still eat, of course) and they spend quite a lot of time resting.  All bears slow down as the days get shorter and colder, and winter approaches.