The day after Ms. Intruder Bear visited, ate a large helping of the cubs’ chopped peanuts, and was  removed and relocated by TWRA, the cubs carried on as usual.  They didn’t seem to have any leftover anxiety about the fact that a stranger had been there!

The Six-pack entered the Acclimation Pen, looking for snacks.

There had been chopped peanuts in there, which Ms. Intruder Bear had eaten.  No snacks today, though.

Undeterred, they continued to look for treats.

They hardly look as though they need snacks, they are so roly-poly.

Over in Persimmon’s enclosure, she was seen alternately foraging and snoozing.  Her enclosure looks very barren, with the leaves and underbrush all but gone.

Persimmon Bear in her bare enclosure. Looks like winter.

Piccola and Dash settled down near a fiery bush and ate what they could reach.

The weather and lack of foliage are likely to make the bears think about winter and denning.  When they are released, they will probably look for their own den location very quickly.


We will not be able to post for the next several days, but will be back after Thanksgiving.  Hope you have plenty of goodiesto fill your own tummies on that day.  Happy Thanksgiving!