As they watched the cubs in their enclosures on the camera display in the office, Curators Coy and David noticed something odd – the Six-pack cubs were on their platform, but there was a bear in the Acclimation Pen, eating the chopped peanuts!  It was an intruder bear!  They quickly called TWRA, and monitored the situation.  The enclosure cams were recording the scenes that unfolded – here are the results.

Ms. Intruder Bear approached the pen.

Ms. Intruder Bear enters the pen, lured by the smell of peanuts

She started to munch on peanuts.

She found more peanuts in more places!

Ms. Intruder Bear made herself at home, eating lots of peanuts.

She stayed for quite a while, leaving and then returning.

She probably couldn’t believe her good luck.

Curious, she investigated the pen.

Ms. Intruder Bear was tall, as she stretched up to show her height.

Meanwhile, out in the enclosure:

The Six-pack was on their platform, but amazingly started to come down.

We might have expected the cubs to remain where they were, but their hunger pangs caused them to descend.

Ms. Intruder Bear had gone outside, so the cubs ate the leftovers.

Curator Coy lowered the gate, hoping to keep the cubs safe. Two escaped.

TWRA came, darted Ms. Intruder Bear, and took her away from ABR.

The cubs were on the platform. Coy opened the gate.

The cubs came down and went back outside.

The excitement was over for the day, with no one the worse for wear.  The cubs in the other enclosures (Piccola, Dash and Persimmon) were not troubled at all.  All is well at ABR.