The enclosure cams allow us to see what the cubs are doing 24/7.  This is the first time we’ve been able to do that, and the curators find it especially helpful as they can keep an eye on the bears without actually going down to the enclosures.

It’s hard to see the differences between cubs when they are seen as a group, but when viewed individually, we can see how they differ from each other.


The Six-pack. Each little bear has its own personality.


Cherry Bear is distinctive in her own way.


The Duet – Piccola and Dash Bear – are a bit easier to distinguish.


Piccola is always a busy little bear.


Here she sits by the safety log that she worked so hard to remove from the pool.


Sometimes Dash Bear prefers to be alone.


Persimmon Bear stays by a tree in her enclosure.


She likes to be at the base of a tree.

We are glad that all of the cubs are doing well.  It won’t be long until they are ready for their lives in the wild, where they belong.