We start today’s update with our newest resident, Persimmon Bear.  She has been getting a lot of rest and sleep, which is what she needs to recover from the accident that brought her to ABR.  For the first few days she mostly slept.  She took some drinks of water, but didn’t want any food.  Then the curator switched her to apple flavored Pedialyte, to increase her recovery from dehydration and as a medium to deliver her meds.  She started to eat some strained fruit (baby peaches and pears) and then became energized enough to start tearing up her bed.

Bears in the wild don’t have beds as we think of them – they rake leaves and other natural items to create a daybed.  Persimmon was apparently trying to remake her human-provided bed into a more acceptable bed of her own.


Persimmon in her rearranged and reformatted bed. The white is the stuffing she removed.

Out in the Wild Enclosures, the rest of the cubs are foraging, napping and repeating all day, every day.


The “Duet” – Piccola and Dash Bear are in Wild Enclosure #3.


Three of the cubs in the “Six-pack” on the cubby platform.


Brother and sister, Ruff and Cherry Bear.


Bosco Bear is one of the six.


Ruff Bear hiding behind a tree.


Bosco hides behind a tree, too.


Cherry Bear is a beautiful, healthy young cub.

As you can see, all of the cubs are looking good, with chubbiness and beautiful, shiny coats of fur.  They will continue to eat and “chubbify” as long as they are with us.