With the release of Magnolia Bear, ABR was down to a population of eight cubs.  But the very next day Ranger Ryan Williamson of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park brought a cub that had been hit by a car in the park.  Bear #280, nicknamed Persimmon Bear, is a female weighing 78.4 pounds.  She was examined at the UT College of Veterinary Medicine and found to have fractured ribs and contusions on one of her lungs.  She was taken to the Red Roof Recovery Center at Appalachian Bear Rescue to rest and take prescribed meds.  Her condition is serious.


Persimmon Bear on her way into the vet school for her exam.


A groggy Persimmon in the Red Roof Recovery Center.


She was able to get a drink from her water bowl.


A closeup of Persimmon Bear.

We hope that Persimmon Bear will recover as other injured cubs like Viola have done.  The curators will keep a close watch over her.