Today we start with a photo that shows how Piccola Bear has finally won Dash Bear over.  Whether it was a case of wearing her down, or whether Dash decided that it would be more fun, the two cubs in Wild Enclosure #3 are playing with each other!


Dash and Piccola Bear playing. Piccola is the one standing up!

Piccola Bear has earned the designation of Mighty Mouse, due to her spunk and persistence.  Not only persistent about getting Dash to play, here is a sequence of photos that show her persistently attacking the Swingy Ball.  If any cub can subdue the ball, Piccola can!


Piccola attacks the Swingy Ball.


The ball comes back at her.


Piccola takes on the ball again.


She seems to be staring down the ball – daring it to come back.

Taking a look at some of the Six-pack cubs next door, we see they are becoming very chubby.


Bosco Bear on the platform.


Two of the girls in Wild Enclosure #4. They are getting big.


Two of the cubs foraging. Their cabooses are round!

Since bears naturally carry a large amount of their weight in their hind ends, it appears that our cubs are bulking up nicely.  They will be ready for release into the wild before we know it.