Piccola Bear now shares her enclosure with Dash Bear.  As far as we know they haven’t met each other yet, but it’s interesting to see Piccola’s behavior.  Bears have such an amazing sense of smell that there is no doubt both of these bears are aware of each other.  For the first time, Piccola was up on the platform.  Maybe she was staking her claim to that piece of property?


Piccola Bear sitting on the platform.


We’d never seen her resting on the platform before.


Piccola is a small cub, but she is growing every day.


Piccola decides to go down and find a snack.


There must be food around somewhere.


A sip of water is a good idea.


Piccola finds an apple. Yum!


And there are some peanuts, too! Perfect for a late night snack.


OK, Piccola. Time for all good cubs to be in bed. Night-night.

The night vision on the enclosure cams allow us to see what the bears are doing in the middle of the night.  We’ve never been able to spy on their after-dark activities before.  Piccola Bear is a night-owl!