A big day for Dash Bear – she finally got out of the Red Roof Recovery Center and right into Wild Enclosure #3 where Piccola Bear is residing.  Here are the photos that tell the tale.


Here is Dash Bear in the last hour of her time in the Red Roof Recovery Center.

Although she had been a good patient, she was more than ready to be out!


The large transport carrier was placed at the door to the room in the center.


Curator Tom waited for Dash to enter. It didn’t take long.


Curators Coy and Tom carry Dash, in the carrier, out. She had some cuss words for them.


They loaded the carrier onto the ABR truck. She was still mad.


Carrier and Dash are secured. Dash is still cussing the humans out.


Almost to Acclimation Pen #3. If only she knew what was ahead…..


The gate to the Wild Enclosure was raised.


Dash lived up to her name by dashing out!


“Freedom at last!” Trees and grass!

Piccola climbed a tree when Dash entered the enclosure.  It will take some time for them to become friends.  Now all the ABR bears are in Wild Enclosures, where they will spend the remainder of their ABR time.