One of the favorite activities (and most important) for our bears is foraging and eating the foods that help them to grow strong.  Here we see some of the foraging by cubs and yearling.


Piccola Bear came out to forage for her dinner.


A few minutes later she disappeared into the underbrush. Bears are good at disappearing into shadows.

A cow, killed by a car, was donated to the bears.  Yearling Magnolia seemed to enjoy the change of diet.


Magnolia Bear came out to forage.


Magnolia enjoyed the new item on her menu.  She is getting rounder each day.


The Six-pack cubs had a chance to try the meat, also.

Bears are omnivorous, but their diet is about 85-90% plant-based.  In the wild, if a bear finds carrion it will be consumed for the additional protein and fat.  However, they don’t actively hunt animals for food.  As it happened, the cubs didn’t eat their meat until after it had “aged” in the 80-degree heat for a couple of days.  Then they ate it with relish.  To each his or her own taste preference!