Arguably the smallest cub at ABR, little Piccola is in a Wild Enclosure by herself.  She was in a fragile state when she had surgery to repair a perforated intestine, but she responded well to her treatment and stay in the Red Roof Recovery Center.  When it was time for a Wild Enclosure she was deemed too small to join the rowdy, larger cubs in Wild Enclosure #4, which is why she is alone in #3.  The curators hope to have the go-ahead from the UT vets to soon release Dash Bear into Piccola’s enclosure.  Today we have some photos of our smallest cub.


Piccola comes out to the pool to get a drink.


She hasn’t been seen swimming, but she does like to drink from the pool.


She balances on the edge of the pool. Bears have excellent balance.


Enlarged photo to better show little Piccola.


Piccola Bear heads back to the undergrowth.


In no time, she blends into the shadows and disappears.

We hope that Dash Bear will be able to join Piccola soon.  It will be good for both cubs to have a playmate .