The bears at ABR have one job at this time of year – to eat!  Foraging is their main and most important activity, so they will be ready for their wild lives after release.  The good thing is that they are very cooperative, especially under the effects of hyperphagia. As we know, the curators scatter various foods – Mazouri bear pellets, pears, apples, grapes and peanuts – in the enclosure for the cubs to find when they forage.  In addition, they find other natural goodies for themselves.  These include insects as well as leaves.  Recently, acorns have appeared on oak trees, and cubs have found the nuts up in the trees.  Acorns are a special treat and are important sources of nutrition in fall.


Willow Bear spies two cubs harvesting acorns in an oak tree.


The cubs at work – foraging.


Cherry Bear gets a brotherly lick from Ruff Bear.


Piccola Bear looks up from her munchies.


Back to foraging. Piccola is gaining weight but is still small.


Piccola is alone in her enclosure. The curators hope that Dash will join her soon.

All of the ABR cubs and our yearling, Magnolia Bear, are doing very well.