ABR got only a small taste of the Hurricane Florence event (thank goodness!)  We had lots of rain, though, which made for difficulties with pictures.  For the most part the cubs stayed put – though the Acclimation Pens were opened to allow them to retreat inside if they chose, none of them did.  Dash Bear, in the Red Roof Recovery Center, was the most visible.


Dash Bear was the only dry cub. She probably would have preferred to be out in the wet.


Dash has the use of two rooms. Here is the clean room where her dinner was served.


Dash came into the room and started to eat.

The UT vets approved her expanded menu offerings of rice cereal in her formula and yummy fruits.  Like all bears, Dash is in hyperphagia.  It’s a challenge to the curators to satisfy her urge to eat with the limitations of her wired mandible.

The next two photos are from night in the enclosures.  It wasn’t raining quite as hard.  This image is rather weird.


It almost look as though this cub is trying to hypnotize the curators who watch.


The time stamp showed that Piccola Bear was taking a drink at 2:30 in the morning!

Without the restraint and guidance of a mother bear, the cubs are on their own and can stay up as long as they want!