As you know, the mission of ABR with each of our bears is to finally see them return to their wild habitat.  On September 12th, the yearling nicknamed Bumble B. Bear was ready for release.  In this post we will review highlights from his life with us at ABR.  Our next post will show the steps in getting him ready and sending him off with the TWRA officer.


Bumble was a scruffy little 23-pound yearling when he was rescued near a candy store.


He spent time in an acclimation pen to rid his system of worms.


When he went into his Wild Enclosure he found the pool and it was his happy place.


He rested in the undergrowth.


He foraged and grew chubby.


Hardly a day went by when Bumble was not in the pool.


Even at night he spent time at his pool.


Bumble used a culvert den as his daybed.


He had become a very healthy and handsome yearling.

Bumble B. Bear had a good life at ABR for the three and one-half months he was with us.  It’s always bittersweet to review the life of a bear who is leaving.  But leaving is the whole point and we are happy that he is so healthy and ready for his wild life.