It was a very rainy day.  Our bears handled it differently, depending on their ages and locations.  The two yearlings spent the day in their favorite trees, getting rained on but enjoying themselves as they relaxed.


Magnolia Bear relaxed in her tree.


Bumble B. was in his tree. He will be released soon. This may be his last photo in the Wild Enclosure.

The “six pack” of cubs in their Wild Enclosure were hungry as usual, and continued to forage in the rain.


These cubs are eating constantly, at a frenzied pace.


Their foraging is paying off – look how plump they are!


Their wet fur looks especially shiny.


In her enclosure, Piccola foraged near her tree.

That was 9 bears – the 10th is Dash, who remained dry in the Red Roof Recovery Center.


Dash Bear is doing well and eating everything served.

So that’s a rainy day at ABR.  All of the bears are doing well.