Bumble B. Bear, one of our two yearlings, is often missing from photo sessions.  He has been spending his time in trees or in culvert dens, where he can’t be seen.  Today we offer several photos of Bumble as he looks now, at the age of 19 months.  We think he is a handsome bear.


Bumble has gained weight and looks more like an adult bear.


He is sleek and healthy, with a beautiful coat.


He, too, is in hyperphagia, but is not as frenzied in his eating as the cubs.


Note the muscadine skin by his paw. He uses his prehensile lips to remove the grape and eat it, then discards the skin.


Bumble and a Monarch have things in common:  hyperphagia and exceptional beauty.

We hope you agree with us that our 19-month-old Bumble B. Bear is becoming a very handsome fellow.  We wonder what his weight will be when he is released.