Today we feature the Louisiana yearling, Magnolia Bear.  She is not always easy to spot, and therefore her photos are sometimes missing from the group on a post.  But today we have several images of the reclusive yearling, taken by the enclosure cam.


The first photo, a night vision image, shows her taking a drink from her pool.

Magnolia has never been seen actually entering the water, although she often takes a drink from the pool.


The next day, she was back by the pool, but didn’t swim. Only her hind end was wet.


As she went on through the enclosure, she stopped to interact with the swingy ball.


The bear – ball interaction went on for several minutes.


Magnolia finally subdued the swingy ball.


She continued until she came to her “drinking tub,” where she likes to soak.


After soaking, she started to forage.

Magnolia and Bumble B, the other yearling, are not as frenzied in their eating as are the six cubs in Wild Enclosure #4.  The yearlings are more relaxed about their foraging.