The ABR bear cubs are definitely experiencing hyperphagia for the first time in their young lives.  They are turning into nonstop eating machines.  The good news is that all six are foraging together, with no arguments or fuss.  It is just hard now to tell them apart, so we are left to say “two cubs” or “three cubs.”  There are only a couple who are readily identifiable by physical characteristics.


Willow Bear was recognized as she foraged.


Two cubs forage. Can’t I.D. these two.


One of the Trio 2 cubs in hyperphagia.


Two cubs forage together.


Piccola Bear, in the Red Roof Recovery Center, shows her fierce bluff charge .


After the human was gone, Piccola ate some formula.

As we stated in the title, the cubs are eating and the yearlings are resting. These bears have been in hyperphagina before, as cubs, so it seems that they are not quite as anxious to gobble.


Magnolia Bear snoozes in her favorite tree.


Bumble has a favorite tree in his enclosure, too.

So there you have it – all present and accounted for, and all doing very well.  The curators will confer with the vets soon and find out what is next for Piccola Bear.