The ABR cubs are a busy bunch.  Hyperphagia, the “feeding frenzy” that occurs each fall, has set in and the cubs are experiencing an increased need to eat and gain weight.


The enclosure cam caught all six cubs foraging.


Four of the cubs eating.


The Trio 2 cubs together.


Tumble Bear on the move.


Viola Bear taking a break from eating.

All six cubs are now sharing the platform for sleeping.  It’s kind of like a dorm room with all the cubs sleeping together.


Making room for one and all is a challenge.


Not everyone wants to get up at the same time.  Bosco resists.


Two other cubs try to get Bosco up.


Bosco is finally awake and everyone else goes back to sleep.

Thanks to the enclosure cam, we can learn about what the cubs do when no one is watching.

Piccola Bear, in the Red Roof Recovery Center, is getting much better as shown by her eating and scat.  She is also registering her distaste for the entrance of a curator who comes to clean one side of her pen and leave fresh food.


Piccola retreats to a far corner and huffs at the curator.


After the human has left, Piccola comes out to eat.

All is well at ABR.  The yearlings are also doing well and growing, as they are supposed to do.  More next time.