We have reported that the two Cub Trios are pretty much keeping to their groups, eating and resting in separate areas.  However, that dynamic is changing as they become accustomed to each other.  This post will show some mixing of the trios, and we expect this will continue until it’s difficult to tell who is who.


Trio 1 on the platform. Bosco and Willow tussle, while Viola watches them.

It looks like Viola is enjoying the “show.”  We love her position!


A bit later, Bosco and Viola forage together.


Bosco uses his wrestling ability on Viola.


Willow is gaining weight.


The groups are getting closer. Here are 5 of the cubs. It’s hard to label them.


Bumble is back in his pool.


Magnolia rests in her favorite daybed.

Finally, a recent photo of Piccola Bear.  It’s hard to see her, in the pen of the Red Roof Recovery Center.


Piccola Bear on her bed in the Red Roof Recovery Center.

Here is an aerial view of the facility, with labels to show which bears are where.  We hope this helps you to visualize the layout.


Where the ABR cubs and yearlings are at this time.

Our next post will no doubt show further “mixing” of the cubs.  Cub relationships will continue to change as time goes on.