With six cubs in the Wild Enclosure and another one in the Red Roof Recovery Center, the curators are keeping very busy.  Little Piccola Bear, in the Recovery Center, requires 24/7 care.  The good news is that she is eating all of the (limited) amount of food (bear milk replacement formula with her meds added) that she is given.  She is also sleeping – she needs lots of rest to recover from her surgery.  She has even done some rearranging of her pen, moving her bed around.  These are good signs, but she is still in a fragile state.


Piccola napping on her bed in the Red Roof Recovery Center.

Out in Wild Enclosure #4, the two groups of cubs have been keeping to themselves, with no interactions yet.


Willow, Viola and Bosco sleep on the platform together.


At the same time, The new trio – Cherry, Ruff and Tumble are foraging.


Next morning – Viola Bear rouses herself.


Bosco Bear is still sleepy.


The newer trio is foraging again.


Cherry and Ruff Bear continue to forage.

From the platform, the other cubs can see these newbies eating.  Since they don’t yet realize that there will be plenty of food for all it makes us wonder if they were concerned about the new cubs eating “their” food.  They will soon learn that there is plenty for all at ABR.  Stay tuned