On August 15 a KY wildlife officer brought a 6-month-old, female bear cub to be cared for at ABR.  This is the same officer who brought Viola Bear when she arrived in May.  The little cub, nicknamed Piccola (feminine of “piccolo,” another musical instrument like a viola) went to the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine and was found to need surgery for perforations in her intestine.  This is how her story played out.


Dr. Ramsay examined Piccola Bear.


An x-ray revealed the perforations in her intestine.


Little Piccola Bear weighed just 13 pounds.


The tiny cub was prepared for surgery.


The surgery team at work.


Piccola Bear’s foot.

Piccola’s situation is precarious.  She is a fragile little bear cub and will require 24/7  monitoring.  Her diet has to be carefully controlled and she cannot be allowed to climb.  When she was transported to ABR she went into the Red Roof Recovery Center where these special conditions can be met.  All we can do now is to watch and wait, and hope for the best.