As soon as Cherry Bear finished her worm medicine, she and her brothers were reunited.  Curators Coy and Tom moved her into Acclimation Pen #4  where Ruff and Tumble Bear have been residing for a few days.  The move went well, with no fussing.


Ruff, Tumble and Cherry Bear in Acclimation Pen #4.

As soon as possible, these cubs will be able to join the other three in the Wild Enclosure.


Outside, Viola Bear is aware of new cubs in the area.


Bosco Bear is ready for a swim.


Willow Bear approaches the pool, but doesn’t go in.


The current cubs will soon meet the new cub family.

The yearlings really made themselves scarce.  Only Magnolia was seen, hiding in the tree.  You’ll have to look to find her.


Both yearlings are very good at hiding. That’s good bear behavior!

Maybe we’ll have a photo of Mr. Bumble Bear next time – and maybe not!  We’ll see.