An update on our bears shows them eating and playing.  First, the cubs.  They are more likely to be seen by the enclosure cam, as they come out of hiding to eat or play.


The three ABR cubs, now friends, forage together.



Viola Bear poses nicely by a tree.


Bosco Bear sits on a log in the shade.


Logs and shredded trees contain tasty insects.


Willow Bear seems to be working on the tire bridge. What is she doing?


Whatever Willow is doing, Viola comes to help her.

The two yearlings did appear in front of the enclosure cams.


Magnolia Bear likes playing with her swingy ball.

She likes it so much that it is showing the effects of her play.


Wonder how long it will last? It was made for horses, not bears.


Bumble found his own toy – a leaf that’s also a snack.

All five of the ABR bears are thriving.  With their varied, natural diet provided by the curators and the supplemental insects they find, they are health and gaining weight.  Their intelligence is challenged by the play and interaction with nature-provided and curator-provided “toys.”