Here are photos from the enclosure cams that show the bears “just hangin’ out.”  We start with our male yearling, Bumble B. Bear.


Bumble is perfectly relaxed as he naps in the tree.


Bumble is a handsome young bear.

Our beautiful female yearling, Magnolia, is very good at hiding in the underbrush but the cam caught her back in the shadows.


Magnolia blends into the shadows. You have to really look to find her.

The three cubs, with their differences behind them, are playing and interacting with each other.  They found the branch where Summitt Bear rested last year, and all three of them decided to take a nap there.


Three cubs on one big branch.


Here is Bosco, whose persistence paid off when he was accepted by the girls.


Viola took a position further out from the trunk of the tree.


Willow Bear was in the middle of the branch.

As we predicted, the three cubs became friends quickly, after the initial huffing and  avoidance had run its course.  Young cubs like these are usually receptive to the addition of new cubs, even if unrelated as in this case.