Bosco Bear, the cub who was admitted to ABR on July 19th was housed in the Acclimation Pen overlooking Wild Enclosure, where Willow and Viola are living. When he finished his worm meds and proved to the curators he was eating and eliminating well, it was time to let him out into that enclosure.  He really proved his readiness when he shredded the tarp that covered the curators’ door.


Bosco pulled the tarp into the Acclimation Pen and shredded it.

The gate was opened for him.


The gate was opened remotely. He noticed the change.


Bosco looked out as if thinking about his options.


He hesitated, unsure of what awaited him outside.


Bosco sniffed at the doorway.


Sniffing, he cautiously went through the opening.


Bosco took a last look at the pen.


Bosco Bear stepped out into the Wild Enclosure.


In a flash, he disappeared into the underbrush and then climbed a tree.

Bears are typically shy and reclusive.  This makes them naturally cautious in new situations.  This is particularly true of bear cubs, who want to make sure a new situation is safe.  Bosco was also typical in his quick disappearance and immediate tree climbing.  He scurried up a large hemlock tree in the enclosure.  Meanwhile, Viola and Willow were being cautious, themselves and keeping their distance from the newcomer.  We’ll be interested to see how long it takes for the three to get together.