If you have followed the blog for a while, you may remember that ABR has a photographer of record who is allowed on the premises to photograph the bears every so often.  His professional photos, taken with a very long lens on his camera, give much more detail than the daily photos taken by the curators or by the various cams onsite. A few days ago, Ken visited to take photos.  The yearlings did not make an appearance, but Viola and Willow were obliging, and we have his photos of those two cubs (it was just before our newest cub, Bosco Bear, arrived).  Here they are – we know you’ll enjoy them.


Viola Bear by photographer Ken La Valley.


Viola munches on grapes and peanuts.


Is she expressing dislike of her food? Maybe she’s just showing off her long tongue.


Willow Bear approaches a tree.


She seems to be getting ready to climb.

These high definition photos are useful to the curators because they show so much more detail than the other photos do.  They even use them when communicating with the UT vets, to show a good view of the bears.