When when working with wildlife, unexpected things can happen, and sometimes those things are very sad.  On the morning of July 12th all five of the bears in the care of ABR were doing well.  That evening, however, our little cub #268, Clementine Bear, was found dead in the Wild Enclosure.

Following protocol, Curators David and Tom retrieved her body and after getting permission from TWRA, the agency in charge of #268, transferred the body to UT where a necropsy will be performed.  The curators are of the opinion that her death resulted from a fall from a tree.

As we know, bear cubs are very much at home in trees.  They often climb very high to take a nap, rest or play.  Trees represent safety to little bears and their mothers teach them to climb up out of harm’s way.  It has been said that bear cubs spend so much time in trees that they can almost be called arboreal mammals.

It is heartbreaking to lose one of our cubs, but undoubtedly this happens in the wild, as well, and no one knows about it.  Life goes on, and as we say “good-bye” to Clementine we must focus on the other two cubs and the two yearlings who remain at ABR.

Here is a recent photo of Clementine Bear.  Rest in peace, little one.


In Memoriam.

The other bears are doing well.  Our next post will be a happier one, about Viola, Willow, Magnolia and Bumble B.