Just like their wild cousins, the ABR cubs and yearlings are in the midst of a growth spurt.  It brings to mind the rapid growth of human teenagers.  Seems like our cubs suddenly have longer legs.  Their appetites are good, and the food is fueling their growth.


Clementine has become a leggy cub.


Viola has a new use for the tire bridge – as a seat!


Willow is on alert. She heard a human approach.


Willow plays it safe and climbs the tree. Good bear behavior!


Viola does her “meerkat” impression. Actually, she stands to figure out what caught her attention.


Is this her opinion of the curators? Could be.


The previous differences in size are not so obvious now.

It’s really amazing to see how similar the three cubs are to each other in size.  If you recall, Clementine was noticeably larger a few weeks ago.

Yearling bears are known for their long legs.  In this photo of Bumble B., he’s lying down so we can’t see his legs.  However, we are sure that just like the cubs, our yearlings are looking leggier also.


Bumble B. is continuing to shed his winter coat. Bears shed from the head back.

Magnolia Bear did not appear at this time. Perhaps we’ll see her next time.  Meanwhile, they will all keep at the business of growing.