Remembering that our cubs and yearlings are wearing permanent, black fur coats, it’s not too surprising that they enjoy their respective pools.  Today’s post reflects that fact.


Viola Bear in the Cubby Pool. Her friends, Clementine and Willow are out of sight, but not far away, we’re sure.


Magnolia Bear climbs out of her pool.


Magnolia is filling out very nicely.


Magnolia rests in the shade. This is another good place to keep cool.


Bumble B. really enjoys the water in his Cubby Pool.


Bumble splashes in the water. He appears to be smiling.


After his swim he shreds a log to get insects for a snack. Yum!

The bears at ABR are living easygoing, relaxed lives as they get ready for their release into the wild.  We hope you enjoy following them.