Today’s post will focus on the two yearlings – Magnolia and Bumble B.  The cubs were mostly in the cooler undergrowth and hidden from view.

First of all, Curator David adjusted the cam in one of the enclosures.


Curator David makes adjustments to cam.


We get a good look at Magnolia.

Louisiana bears are a subspecies of the American Black Bear.  They have a narrower skull and longer snout.  We can see this in Magnolia’s face.


She was wet from the waist down. Apparently she’d been in her Cub Tub.


She balanced on the stubby branch.


Soon she climbed up to snooze in her favorite tree.

In his own enclosure, Bumble was out and about.


He surveyed his domain. Bears often strike poses that look very human.


He foraged for peanuts.


Bumble is becoming a solid, round bear.

Although the three little cubs were pretty much hidden from the camera, it did catch a quick glimpse of Viola on her way back into the underbrush to join her friends.


Viola came out for a short time, but didn’t stay long.

Just another busy day for the ABR bears.