It has been very hot here lately.  The ABR yearlings are staying in the shade, mostly up in their favorite trees.


Handsome Bumble B. Bear in the shade. Looks like he’s been munching peanuts.

As bears eat nuts, they spit the shells out the sides of their mouth.  There is a space before their molars where they don’t have teeth, so they can spit without even opening their mouths!


Bumble stays in his “jungle” to keep cool.


Soon, he climbs up his favorite tree to relax and snooze.

Our other yearling, Magnolia Bear stays in the shady areas in her enclosure.


It looks like the cam caught her just as she was ready to climb.


Yes – a perfect place for a nap (if you’re a bear).

The three cubs stay in the undergrowth a lot but they do come out now and then.


The Cubby Pool is a good place to hang out.


They return to the undergrowth to be in the shade.


Later, the cam caught this cub who has excellent balance.

None of the bears are exerting much energy.  Can’t say we blame them.  If we had black fur coats we wouldn’t exert much energy, either!