The weather has been hot, and our yearling bears are spending a lot of time in the treetops, to catch the breezes and be in the shade.


Who is that yearling bear in the tree?


Aha! It’s Bumble B snoozing in the tree.


It’s harder to spot the reclusive Magnolia, who likes to stay hidden.


Viola and Willow Bear scurry up the tree when they hear the curator approach.

As they climbed they were huffing and blowing at the human.  Good bear behavior!


Clementine was first to reach the top.


Soon, all three of the cubs were together and safe from harm.

Of course they are not in any danger at ABR, but the curators are pleased that they have the proper instinct to avoid humans and to voice their dislike.

Bumble B. showed off for the camera in his enclosure (whether he knew it or not).


First he balanced on top of a culvert den.


He stood up by the tree. We can see he is shedding his winter coat.


  His face has finished shedding.  He’ll look like that all over, when shedding is done.


He strikes a pose like the bear in our logo. Handsome boy!

It’s interesting that black bears shed during the summer, and their coats become scruffy and ragged.  They often rub against trees to get rid of the extra fur.  By the time they finish shedding and look sleek and shiny like Bumble’s face, it’s time to start growing their winter coat all over again.