It’s interesting to observe the differences between young cubs and the more sedate yearling bears.  The cubs are all about play.  To them, everything in their enclosure offers a challenge that they accept with enthusiasm.


Their enclosure is a vast playground for the cubs.

The labels show why the cubs like the individual features.  By the way, the arrow pointing up to “scary” doesn’t refer to the cubs, but to the curators who sometimes find it scary when cubs race to the very top of a tree.


When all three cubs try to cross the tire bridge, a traffic jam occurs.

The play is helping the cubs develop and strengthen their muscles, preparing them for their future lives in the wild.

The yearlings have already outgrown the need to play.  At their more mature age, they frequently are seen resting and relaxing when they are seen.  Otherwise they are not seen at all, due to excellent hiding skills.


Magnolia Bear reclines on top of a culvert den.


Bumble B. Bear relaxes in the underbrush in his enclosure.

As you can see, the five ABR bears are looking good.  They are doing what they need to do in order to be prepared for their lives back in the wild.