More computer problems have led to our not posting for several days, during which time a lot has happened.  This very recent development is the most important.

Willow Bear had joined the other two cubs in the Acclimation Pen a few days ago.  They adjusted well to each other’s presence, and on June 20th the curators lifted the door to the Wild Enclosure to allow them to go outside.  Here is what happened:


Viola Bear climbed down the side of the pen and found the door open! She was surprised.


Curious, she sniffed the outdoors.


Clementine joined her in the doorway.


Bravely, Viola stepped out of the pen into the enclosure.


The three cubs got their first taste of the Wild Enclosure.


The three cubs set off to explore their new habitat. They stuck together.


They headed toward the trees.

Thanks to our cameras in the enclosures, we are able to observe the cubs even at night.  Here are some nighttime photos on their first night outside.


They were still close together as they had a late-night snack.


Viola Bear reclined to eat.


Willow was not far away.


Clementine prepared to climb a tree.

This was a big event for the three little bears.  They will spend the rest of their time at ABR in the Wild Enclosure.  Hopefully we’ll be able to share the ongoing story with you.

P.S. The yearlings, Magnolia and Bumble B. Bear are each in their own Wild Enclosure.  More about them next time.