ABR received another four-month-old bear cub on June 5, 2018.  Another female, she and her sibling cub were hit by a car.  Fortunately, a gentleman found the cubs and waited for two hours, hoping to see the mother return.  When that didn’t happen, he decided to take them home (it was in the middle of the night).  In the morning he contacted ABR and we contacted TWRA.  An officer picked up the cubs and took them to UT, where Curator Tom met them.  Sadly, one of the cubs had not made it, and the other was comatose.  However, she was examined as protocol dictates.  We have some photos of her exam.


Cub #272, nicknamed Willow Bear.


TWRA Officer Chris Seay helped place Willow on the examining table.


Willow was comatose and didn’t need to be tranquilized.


Her blood work was OK. No problem there.


Willow was prepared for an x-ray.


Her skull was not fractured, as the vets had feared. She had a rib that had been broken previously.


She was given a saline solution for dehydration.


The saline solution perked her up.


Willow Bear went to the Cub Nursery at ABR.


Weklcome to ABR, Willow Bear!

Willow Bear is still in a fragile state.  We are hopeful that she will rest and eat in the Cub Nursery and begin to heal.