We had more computer issues, but will try to make up for the delay in posting.

Magnolia Bear has been enjoying her relative freedom in the Wild Enclosure.  She has explored and is foraging for the food thrown over the fence by curators.


Magnolia in her Wild Enclosure.


Magnolia explores a culvert den in the enclosure.


Magnolia Bear forages for her food.


Like most other young bears, Magnolia likes to take naps high in trees.

Back at the Acclimation Pen where the two little four-month-old cubs are residing, they are getting along well.  We hope you watched the YouTube video that we posted of the two cubs wrestling and playing.  They are very active little bears.


Viola and Clementine are trying to make their honey log roll. It won’t!


The log is filled with yummy fruits and other things that bear cubs like.

The reason it won’t roll is that the curators have a cable attached to it so it can be refilled when empty.  This obviously puzzles the smart little cubs.


They also enjoy chasing peanuts around.

We hope that the computer will continue to behave so we can post regularly again.  There is a lot going on with the ABR bears!  Next time we’ll focus on Bumble B. Bear, the newest addition to the group.