Curator David was fortunate to get portraits of all three of the ABR bears – cubs Clementine and Viola as well as yearling Magnolia.  Since the “official” birthday for ABR bears is January 22nd, this is close to their monthly birthday.  Clementine and Viola are now 4 months old; Magnolia is now 16 months old.


Viola Bear peeks out from behind a log in The Cub House.


Clementine is in the middle of her tree in the Acclimation Pen.


Magnolia, in another Acclimation Pen, shows her profile.

We can see that as a yearling, Magnolia Bear has a longer nose than the two cubs.  A longer nose along with relatively longer legs are characteristics of yearlings.

Magnolia demonstrated proper bear etiquette for the elimination of waste.  She backed up to the edge of her platform, so as not to foul her resting place.


Magnolia backs up to the edge of her platform.


She looks to be sure that she is far enough back.

Bears keep their spaces clean.  In a den, the mother will clean up after her tiny cubs and teach them this backing up behavior.  Magnolia learned it well.