We promised to post the story of Viola Bear’s move from the Cub Nursery to The Cub House.  The big move occurred on May 19th, and was in response to the cub’s behavior.  She was “asking” for more space and to get out of the Cub Nursery.


Though her wound looks bad to us, it actually has healed and continues to heal well.


She showed her desire to move by running around and climbing in her pen.


Viola huffed and blew when a curator entered .


She was moved in this carrier. She didn’t think much of it, either!

While she was in the carrier it was possible to weigh her.  She weighed 8 pounds, which was almost double her weight at arrival (4.4 pounds).


She immediately started exploring The Cub House.

In The Cub House Viola has toys, branches to climb on, a ball to hit at and a pool for her pleasure.  The enrichment will allow her to grow and develop her strength and agility.