ABR admitted Bear#270 on May 21st.  Another female – this is a yearling from Louisiana.  Here are photos showing her arrival and settling in.  She is not injured, but at 21 pounds she is underweight.  Her nickname is Magnolia, for the state flower of Louisiana.


Coy unloaded the carrier containing the yearling.


Coy and LA officer Hank Atkins carry the bear into her new quarters.

Magnolia will start out in Acclimation Pen 1.


Into the Acclimation Pen she goes.


Magnolia Bear has her first meal at ABR.

Meanwhile, a quick look at Clementine:


Clementine conquers her tree.

And a peek at Viola, who is now in The Cub House (we’ll tell you about that move next time).


Viola Bear is soaking in her small pool.

So now we have three bears – two Cubs of the Year and a Yearling.  They will be fun to watch!