Both of the ABR cubs, who are nearly four months old, are doing well.  We’ll look at Viola Bear first.  She does not like to be visited by a curator so they quietly enter the Cub Nursery and do their cleaning and feeding very quickly, and get out.


Viola is comfy in her Cubby Cave, where she feels safe.


Although it looks bad, her wound is actually healing well.

Clementine is doing better in the Acclimation Pen now that her view of the trees is blocked.


Clementine is playing with things the curators have provided. She likes the tree branches.


Clementine investigates her honey log to find tasty morsels inside.


She is eating her formula porridge with relish.

It’s good to see the little cubs making progress.  Viola will soon be moved to The Cub House where she will have more room and more chances to climb and exercise.