Clementine was showing agitation and signs of stress in the Acclimation Pen.  She continuously paced and showed she wanted to go out there where she could see the trees.  Even the branches that Curator David added didn’t calm her.

Curator Coy tried something else.  He decided to cover the view of the trees by shielding the lower half of the pen.  He worked quickly on the outside, and while he was nearby Clementine hid in her log den.  She came out when he was gone.


We can see the shielding that Coy added.


She seemed more calm.


She started eating right away.


She ate fruit and her yogurt porridge – 2 bowls!


She went toward the tree branches and played.

It appears that Curator Coy solved the stress problem.  Clementine is not ready to go out into the Wild Enclosure yet.  She’s still too young and too small.