Clementine Bear is doing well in the Acclimation Pen that adjoins The Cub House.  She eats and sleeps, but she’s not satisfied.  We thought she would be content with being outside where she could see and smell the trees and greenery, but we were wrong.  She is already showing signs of stress at the confinement.  She indicates that she wants to be OUT of the pen and climbing those trees.


Even the large space and the addition of greenery doesn’t satisfy this cub.

She is too small to have that wish granted.  The curators want to keep her confined until she is eating only solid foods.  So Curator David brought a tree into the pen for her.


There she is, up on the platform by the tree.  Will this make her feel better?  Time will tell.

Our other little three-month-old cub, Viola Bear, hides when a curator enters the Cub Nursery.  She doesn’t hesitate to voice her displeasure and dislike of humans.


Viola Bear hides in her cub cave.

She is an active cub for one so small.


Viola climbs on the pen – she’s literally “climbing the walls.” 

It seems that both of these little cubs will give us new insight into the abilities and determination of bear cubs.  The curators are learning new things every day and trying to keep one step ahead of these precocious baby bears.