For a very small cub, Clementine Bear is quite the adventurer.  The curators saw that she was showing signs of stress in The Cub House, even with all the space and playthings.  So the gate was opened to the adjacent Acclimation Pen.


Clementine was sitting on top of her climbing logs in The Cub House. She waited a bit before coming down.


As soon as she felt safe, she climbed down and headed for the open doorway.

In the Acclimation Pen she can see and smell the Wild Enclosure’s trees, shrubs and grass.


She looks very tiny in the large outdoor pen.


Soon she climbed up to the platform.  Can she get down?


Getting down was not a problem. First to the stump……


Down she goes from the stump. Easy!


In a couple of days she’ll have the entire pen and Cub House mastered.


Clementine Bear is growing and learning as she explores.

Each bear is unique and has its own personality.  Clementine is one of the most adventurous and apparently fearless cubs we’ve seen yet.  It will be fun to watch her develop during her time at ABR.