The two little three-month-old cubs being cared for at ABR are doing well in their separate quarters.  They can’t be introduced to one another until Viola Bear’s injuries are healed.  This will no doubt take a couple of weeks.

Clementine is in The Cub House and the curators are trying to keep her interested by adding various items to her environment.


Clementine has logs to climb on. She seems intrigued by the murals painted on the walls.


Fresh greenery, provided by the curators, gives her another place to hang out.


The food log is a unique way to deliver some of her food to her.

What is inside the food log?


Yummy grapes and blueberries!


After climbing and eating, Clementine needs a nap on top of her stuffed bear, Sam.

Viola Bear is housed in The Cub Nursery to recover from her injury and its repair.


Viola Bear in her pen.


Her injury was extensive and required stitches on the back of her neck.

The UT vets took great care with the stitches.


Viola Bear has a good appetite in spite of her ordeal.

Both little bear cubs are eating and gaining weight.  We are glad that they seem to be doing well and look forward to the time when they can be together.