As promised, today we present the story of Viola Bear (ABR Cub 269) and her exam at the UT College of Veterinary Medicine.  As we posted yesterday, this little three-month-old cub was found in Kentucky and after working it out between the two states, it was decided to bring her to ABR.  All cubs go first to the UT Vet School, so she was taken there.

The exam showed that she had sustained bite marks and had puncture wounds on the scruff of her neck.


Viola Bear on the examining table at UTCVM. We can see where she was injured.

The educated guess is that she was attacked by a coyote, bobcat or dog.  There was a tear in her flesh as well as the puncture wounds from a bite.


The team of vets worked on Viola. She had to have stitches both internally and externally.


It was a delicate procedure.

She was given an antibiotic injection as well as pain medication before being sent off to ABR.


Curators Janet and Tom unload Viola Bear at the Cub Nursery.


Here are some things that we hope will make her comfortable and soothed.

The fur sleeve was made from a donated fur coat, stitched by Donna Faulkner, Curator Tom’s wife.


Viola Bear slept through the night. The medications helped to make her sleep.


In the morning, Viola hid in the Cub Cave and voiced her dislike of humans when Janet entered the Cub Nursery.

Meanwhile, our other three-month-old cub, Clementine, is doing well in The Cub House since she moved there.


Clementine has the typical “Mickey Mouse” ears of a cub.

We are glad to share these photos with you.  Clementine is coming along well.  Viola will need time to heal before the two cubs can be introduced.