Our yearling bear, #267 (April) was released back into the wild on May 7th.  As you know, she had been let out into the Wild Enclosure a few days ago.  With the help of the camera that allowed the curators to monitor her activities 24/7 they soon learned that April Bear was strong and healthy and ready to return to the wild.  The passive capture system that they use to avoid stressing the animal worked like a charm and April returned to the Acclimation Pen to eat.  The door was closed and a jab stick sedated her for her workup.

April Bear had arrived at ABR on April 2nd weighing 66 pounds.  Her UT exam showed that she had five broken ribs and a chipped humerus, as well as mites-caused hair loss.  In just over a month her broken bones healed and the fur was growing back on her face.  When weighed for her release, April Bear tipped the scales at 102 and she was a beautiful, healthy yearling bear who was ready for the life she was meant to live.  The photos are a bit blurry, but she was in a hurry to go home!


The trap in which April Bear was taken to the release site is opened.


The yearling jumps down immediately.


She wasted no time but dashed off into the woods.


Our last glimpse of April Bear.

We wish our yearling a long and happy life in the forest, and hope she doesn’t encounter any more cars.  Farewell, April Bear!  Have the good wild life that you deserve!