Clementine Bear, the three-month-old cub currently being cared for at Appalachian Bear Rescue, was demonstrating to the curators that she was ready for a move into The Cub House.  This is the second “home” for her at ABR.  In the Nursery, Clementine was showing great displeasure when a curator came near to feed her or clean the pen.  As tiny as she is, she had the big bear attitude and the huffing and puffing down pat.  Curator Coy decided that she was ready for The Cub House.


Clementine gives Coy the “evil eye” while still in the Cub Nursery.

The next photos show how she got busy right away, getting to know her new digs.


The bear cub climbed into the log den in The Cub House.


She came out to take a drink from her water bowl. It can double as a swimming hole, if she wants to take a dip.


Clementine explored the new space.


She has quite a lot of space in The Cub House.  The walls are good for climbing, too!


The other room in her new house has toys and other things to keep her interested and developing skills.

It will be fun to watch little Clementine interact with the enrichment items that the curators will continue to provide for her.